Our People

Jason Lankford

Senior Developer

Jason Lankford, Offset Senior Developer

Jason is a Senior Developer at Offset, where he channels extensive know-how and broad experience toward creating innovative software solutions that address the very specific needs of our company and clients.

With an impressive knack for debugging software and a deep understanding of harmonizing diverse coding styles, Jason brings a special perspective to the Offset team. His ability to establish effective coding standards not only keeps current operations streamlined but also paves the way for a smoother collaborative experience with future rollouts and team members.

Jason is right at home with code, and his career towards Offset shows notable technical adaptability. He’s evolved alongside changing IT languages and environments, gathering extensive knowledge in software development at notable tech companies, including at Quore, where he contributed to several iterations of their backend API. Eventually his work ethic and dedication to problem-solving led him to be recruited to Offset by Bryan Haddock, our Director of Development.

Outside of Offset, Jason has a garage full of woodworking machinery that he’d sure love to spend more time using, but instead generally spends his free time running an impromptu stray cat sanctuary out of his home.