How To Export Your Data From VineSpring

Step-by-step guides for downloading your data before Commerce7 shuts off VineSpring.

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Commerce7 (who acquired VineSpring in early April of 2022) is shutting down all VineSpring accounts on September 30th, 2022. If you’re an existing VineSpring customer who isn’t transitioning to Commerce7, we strongly recommend downloading your data before the shut-off date. Ideally, folks have already done this. If not – contacting VineSpring directly is hands down the best path to ensuring as complete a data archive as possible. We are by no means experts on the VineSpring platform, but migrating many clients to Offset Commerce, we do have quite a bit of experience in efficiently exporting core data. Below are tutorials for downloading the data you'd need for migrating into our system. This is by no means comprehensive, so you may want to check with any folks who touch your data (especially accountants!) on what info they'd like for archive reference.

VineSpring V2
VineSpring V3