The Wine Ecommerce Landscape is Confounding. Here’s How to Choose the Right Path.

In recent years, the options for digital commerce have skyrocketed

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In recent years, the options for digital commerce have skyrocketed. This is fantastic for wine brands gunning to explore and expand their commerce strategies.

But excitement can quickly sour to anxiety as the myriad choices, options, and features pile up — the pros, cons, and questions mushrooming in your mind.

Making the right decision is crucial because making the wrong one is costly. Choose an ill-fitting platform and you’re looking at lost time, revenue, and loyal brand advocates.

If you are confounded by how to begin navigating the evolving ecomm platform landscape one simple question can help point you toward the right direction: Is your wine brand customer-first or transaction-first?

That is the first critical decision.

Whether your wine brand wants to focus on building customer loyalty or quick-turn sales, there is a just-right platform fit for you.

In this white paper, we break down:

• What it means to be customer-first vs. transaction-first

• What to expect from a custom platform compared to an off-the-shelf option

• How to ensure the platform you choose supports your wine brand’s evolution

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