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Araima Caballero

People Partner

Araima Caballero Offset People Partner

As the People and Culture lead at Offset, Araima works to create a workplace where every individual feels valued, supported, and ready to produce outstanding work.

With a career spanning over a decade of HR leadership in creative, technology, and professional services, Araima brings an important blend of empathy and strategic problem-solving to her work with Offset. In keeping with our approach, Araima is committed to working collaboratively and creatively. She has a modern HR approach that prioritizes People and Culture and talent strategy.  

A strong advocate for fairness and equality, Araima focuses on building trust across the organization. She believes in the power of inclusivity, teamwork, and collaboration, knowing full well that great ideas emerge from any corner of the company. People and Culture success is measured by displays of trust and approachability among Offset team members, and in the ways that conversations and collaboration occur within our team to address needs and solve problems.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Araima’s love for cooking reflects her Italian and Latin heritage and food and wine culture more generally. Beyond the workplace, Araima is an avid traveler; her ideal trips involve exploring new places, savoring and discovering great food, wine, and people.