Brand Strategy

Discovering and refining the great ideas within you

Our greatest branding superpower is that we couple strategy with execution. One of the benefits of seeing countless plans through to completion is a finely-calibrated radar for strategy weaknesses and holes. When you are building a brand and business for the long-haul, the importance of authenticity cannot be overstated. That is why the identifying and understanding of a brand’s “self” is a prerequisite for all of our creative and strategic services. When approaching brand development, we believe the answers live within you: your story, your people, your land, your wines. In rare cases, those answers may already be bubbling to the surface, more often than not, it takes some mining.

At Offset, strategy is not a static deliverable that only precedes creative work. More often than not, our strategy sessions are purposely messy and are designed to uncover a series of questions or hypotheses that we can prototype and pressure test in our conceptual work.

Our brand strategy work together may include:

• Brand health audit.

• Market research & differentiation analysis.

• Brand architecture.

• Portfolio tiering strategy.

• Customer journey development & touchpoints mapping.

Because the relationship between a brand and a customer (be it an individual or a larger collective market) is rooted in tangible experiences, we always vet our strategy recommendations against real-world applications, letting the theoretical (strategy) and the practical (execution) inform, refine, and catalyze each other over time.

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