Looking outside of wine for brand inspiration

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Sake Drinker

Sake Drinker

An avant-garde twist on tradition for an upstart sake merchant

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Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Launching online commerce for an industry pioneer and legend

There are few names as revered in the wine industry as Kermit Lynch. The man, the newsletter, the importer, and the retail shop – they are all in perfect alignment in selling wine through Kermit’s trademark storytelling blend of history, technical details, recommendations, and personal anecdotes. A pioneer in almost every aspect of the wine business and culture, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant was in fact a late entrant to the online commerce world. Intentionally so.

Integrated Brand and Commerce, Storytelling & Content, Ecommerce Website

Joseph Phelps

Clarifying a legacy producer's brand architecture through a website project

At Joseph Phelps, questions and misconceptions often arise over the relationship of Joseph Phelps the company and their flagship wine, Insignia. While Insignia has always been a core part of Joseph Phelps’s portfolio, its packaging (and impressive position in the marketplace) sometimes gives the impression of a stand-alone brand. The story of their Sonoma Coast wines is the inverse – initially launched as a separate brand, it’s now housed under the Joseph Phelps portfolio. The structure of the website clarifies these relationships by prioritizing stories that detail each facet of the brand – including Joe Phelps, its eponymous founder.

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