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We pride ourselves on not having a studio style and always doing what is appropriate for each project. In the words of Charles Eames, "The extent to which you have a design style is the extent to which you have not solved the problem."

Think beyond the label

Logo. Label. Closure. Bottle. Boxes. All of these very tangible elements live under the larger umbrella of visual identity systems. Even if our end deliverable is simply a new label, our approach is always holistic to make sure your brand extends with integrity in all its analog and digital applications.

Partnering with clients on their identity and packaging is our most intimate work. The resonant power of the finished project is in direct relation to how well we’ve gotten to know you, whether we are working together to evolve an existing brand or create a new one.

Sake Drinker

Visual identity and flavor profile labeling system for sake merchant, Sake Drinker

Evolving an existing brand

Changing that by which you are most recognized can be a daunting identity and business hurdle. Because we understand the high stakes involved in a redesign, we make sure that we are fully versed in your brand strategy and reasons for change before making any design recommendations.

Our attraction to legacy brands is deeply personal. As individuals and a collective studio, we have deep roots in the wine industry and California wine country. We believe in honoring its rich history. Tradition and progress don’t need to be at odds.

We have done everything from historic restorations to radical redesigns that reposition brands in the marketplace.

“It was very important for us that the key staples from our original label and logo were maintained as that is how our customers know our brand and how we are recognized in the market.

Working with the Offset team, we were able to really dig into the design assets that were meaningful to us. Together we developed a road map that lead us to a more modern, but still classic representation of our brand. We put our trust in the Offset team, and they delivered.”

Jake Krausz, Estate Director


Creating a new brand

We are omnivorous in our approaches to creating new brands. Just because a brand is new, it doesn’t mean it needs to look modern. Just because your brand is personal, it doesn’t mean it can’t be positioned to become bigger than you. Just because you have ambitious growth plans, it doesn’t mean your brand needs to cater to the lowest common denominator.

The process of creating something new is immensely exciting but it can also cause stress and indecision that negatively impacts the effectiveness of the end product. We guide our clients through the complicated strategic, logistical, and emotional decisions that go hand-in-hand with the creation of new brands.

From ideation to execution and beyond

We nurture projects from ideation to implementation, making sure that final execution is aesthetically resonant, strategically sound, and technically doable. We will also advise on sustainable packaging options. Our process is deeply collaborative. Our job is not to tell you who you are or should be, but to discover and develop it with you. We collaborate with our clients in “work sessions” and present in live files – all part of our ethos to include you in the creative process, not just the selection process.

We make sure you and your team have a design toolbox to maintain your visual standards. You’ll receive a Visual Brand Identity Guide that includes direction for typography usage, colors, layout, and key do’s and don’ts.

Our design direction extends beyond our internal team – we have a deep rolodex of experts and collaborators to make sure everything from fine art licensing to custom calligraphy happens smoothly.

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