Evolving and unifying an expanding portfolio

As wine producers add existing wines and tiers to their portfolio, the limits of their original package design systems are often tested. As Arkenstone’s portfolio was expanding with single vineyard and reserve wines, they realized their existing packaging wasn’t distinguishing tiers clearly at a glance, and that they’d need to reevaluate their complete label line-up and tier structure.

Arkenstone packaging portfolio of wines

The evolved visual identity and packaging system. Pictured second to left and far right, the new tiers that spurred the project.

Before and after

Arkenstone was clear from the getgo that they wanted to respectfully evolve their visual identity and packaging, rather than pursue a revolutionary change. Given the strength of their original visual brand elements, we couldn’t have agreed more. That said, we were upfront about our definition of evolution. From our deep experience working on label evolutions, we are firm believers that the feel and visual recall of a package can be sustained even with dramatic changes to individual elements.

Arkenstone Estate before and after

Before working together, Arkenstone viewed their oak tree illustration as their logo. We posed a simple question, “What do you see when you look at the package from afar or blur your eyes?” Unanimously, the answer was the label shape, which was already reinforced in the Arkenstone “Jewel” symbol that we kept anchoring the bottom of the label. This left the tree (which lives on their property) as the perfect symbol to help distinguish Arkenstone’s estate wines.

Arkenstone NVD before and after

The NVD “Napa Valley Designate” is Arkenstone’s most widely available wine and the most likely entry point for new customers. To further align it with the Arkenstone brand, we phased out the rectangular label in favor of the distinctive label shape used for the rest of Arkenstone’s wines.

Arkenstone Estate Syrah label before and after

While the previous black label for the Syrah was appropriate to the character of the wine, it mistakenly communicated that the wine was elevated above the rest of the portfolio. We shifted the Syrah to a white to sit on the same level as the other estate wines – allowing black to be used for their estate reserve tier.

Detailing the visual identity system

We deliver visual identity specifications along with assets as part of all of our packaging projects. In wine, this is especially important, as the way that brand elements appear on the bottle shouldn’t always be the way they appear online or in a sharable logo. Case in point: note the differences in the use of the logotype, jewel symbol, and the Napa Valley text between the package and the primary logo lockup below.

Arkenstone brand standards primary logo

Arkenstone brand standards colors

Arkenstone brand standards titling font

“It was very important for us that the key staples from our original label and logo were maintained as that is how our customers know our brand and how we are recognized in the market.

Working with the Offset team, we were able to really dig into the design assets that were meaningful to us. Together we developed a road map that lead us to a more modern, but still classic representation of our brand. We put our trust in the Offset team, and they delivered.”

Jake Krausz

Estate Director, Arkenstone

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