Allocated Producers

A platform purpose-built for allocated producers

Since the inception of our platform over ten years ago, we’ve focused on the nuanced needs of allocated producers.

Rather than treating allocated producers as one-size-fits-all, we’ve built our software to handle the variances of different allocation models, from First-Come/First-Served to Guaranteed and Request Only, in addition to robust allocation-specific tools such as Wish Requests and Post-Purchase Order Edits.

We also understand how essential efficient workflows are to wine businesses selling most of their wine through just a few time-gated annual offers. Intelligent allocation software (and good path-to-purchase UX) should dramatically reduce time spent on redundant tasks or helping customers navigate non-intuitive purchase processes, leaving more time for the white-glove service allocated producers require.

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Selected Allocated Producer clients

We love working closely with allocated producers. Our allocated clients range from small winemaker-led brands to some of the most successful (and largest) allocated wineries operating today.

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