Commerce Strategy

Approaches that serve both your brand and your bottom line

For many wine businesses (particularly wineries), the category complexity and seasonal sales cycle creates few opportunities – and extremely high stakes – for experimentation. The strategy fallback often ends up being looking to friends, neighbors, and competition for the “how” of selling wine. It’s the safe path. That’s not an inherent knock. That safe path is certainly preferable to a bold, glossy strategy that doesn’t have sufficient sensitivity to the wine category.

Yet how you sell is critical to brand signaling, not to mention logistics, operations, and of course, bottom line. It often deserves greater strategic consideration than it receives. We work with clients to develop direct-to-consumer strategies that can best support their brand positioning and business goals, yet are still mindful of the very real challenges of compliance, fulfillment, distribution, and team bandwidth.

We’ve supported hundreds of releases over the past decade plus, the lion’s share facilitated through our commerce platform. That equates to a wealth of institutional knowledge on the pros, cons, and considerations of different sales approaches. As with everything we do, our approach to tailoring successful, sustainable, and operationally sensitive commerce strategies is to begin with questions.

Whether looking at the big picture or the granular, it’s important to explore:

• What brand signals are you giving off?

• How does it fit into your operations/logistics?

• How does it affect your bottom line?

• How can you safely test/experiment for real results and mitigated risk?

• Where are your blind spots? Where might there be hidden/new opportunities?

From overturning these stones, we’re able to recommend ideas and approaches both big and small that can help you push your business forward with stability and integrity.

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