Storytelling and Content

Distinct content for honest stories

We love the concept in winemaking that the critical work is done in the vineyard, shepherding the land to maximum grape expression, and that a winemaker’s job is to not screw them up. In essence, a wine can only be as great as the grapes that come in. The same can be said of your story. The job of your content and website is to honor your story, to showcase it with authenticity and elegance. To translate the unique terroir that is your story, your history, your wines requires skilled hands.

Bedrock Wine Co. Storytelling and Content Process

The "raw ingredients" of Bedrock Wine Co.'s story (and website).

“Offset went well beyond design and unearthed the reasoning for why we were trying to tell the story we were, and more importantly how to best go about telling it with design, imagery, and words.”

Jason Kesner

Winemaker & President, Kistler Vineyards

The energy among great winemaking teams is palpable – this short film we produced for Kosta Browne is hell-bent on capturing it.

Excellence depends on execution

We will work hand in hand with your content producers, guiding the process to ensure the work produced is distinctly, authentically on brand. Conversely, we also recommend collaborators from our deep network of writers, photographers, filmmakers, and artists.

And because we believe the best content strategy is one that sets a sound foundation for creativity – we give you the tools – and guardrails – to help your story live, breathe, and grow.

We can:

• Help you identify your most resonant and unique attributes, story points, and curiosities

• Help you define a clear and executable content strategy

• Align your content look/feel/tone with your brand

• Find and/or guide your content producers and creatives to ensure brand integrity

• Build an asset library of visual and messaging content so that you have a treasure trove to draw from as supplemental content needs arise

• Establish visual and messaging guidelines as a leave behind for your team

These words and images that share your story are a powerful continuum of your brand strategy and visual identity, they deserve attention. In working with us for your storytelling and content direction we help close the execution gap between brand strategy and customer-facing content.

Photographer, and frequent collaborator, Eric Wolfinger, shooting aerial photography for Garden Creek Vineyards. Magic happens when you work with a great photographer – we love finding the perfect fit for our clients.

Clos Du Val Video

Clos Du Val

Using video to tell the emotional story behind a legacy producer in transition

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Kosta Browne Map

Kosta Browne

An interactive map for digital exploration of vineyards (and local culture) by truck, plane, and motorcycle

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Hourglass Microscopic Wine


Giving a high-end producer's wine a molecular close-up

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Garden Creek Website

Garden Creek

Telling a personal wine story entirely through the proprietors' words

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Kistler Audio Photo Slideshow


The importance of story in wine websites

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Frog's Leap website timeline

Frog's Leap

Balancing a serious approach to wine and sustainable viticulture with a history of playful communication

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