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We approach websites with the same imperative for nuance and authenticity as you do your in-person hosting experience. As a place for connection, it should feel alive. Great websites – no matter how streamlined or elaborate –  have a palpable pulse. But there’s no use in breathing life into a broken vessel. And that’s where the less romantic part comes in: your website must work. Ideally so smoothly that you don’t even notice the mechanics. This is where having design and technology under one roof, in constant collaboration with each other, is our superpower.

Leveraging our full design and development capabilities also puts us in the unique position to offer multiple website approach options: fully Custom or streamlined Modular. This flexibility allows us to build appropriately for your near-term needs while leaving creative room (and budget) for your continued evolution.

Offset’s trademark: design and technology in constant collaboration. Website for Paul Hobbs Winery

“Offset pushes the envelope. They make you go into the place of raw goodness. Our website project became greater and deeper than we ever expected. Painful at times and then profound and euphoric. We loved the entire process – it was quite simply exhilarating.”

Karin Warnelius-Miller

Proprietor, Garden Creek Vineyards

Custom ecommerce websites

When we say custom, we mean it. Every pixel and every line of code is within our control. When sky is the creative and technical limit, the deep roots formed by our Integrated Brand and Commerce work together are essential grounding. This allows us to only recommend the features and functionality we know both honor your brand and your business goals. Your website is where your Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, and Commerce Strategy coalesce and greet the outside world. And because most of our custom websites are integrated with our own commerce Product, we can offer additional customization beyond what is possible elsewhere, creating a dynamic digital home that is uniquely you, yet maintains a seamless experience for your customers.

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Launching online commerce for an industry pioneer and legend

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Ovid Website


A high-end producer investing in generous and ongoing storytelling

View the live website

Joseph Phelps Website

Joseph Phelps Vineyards

Clarifying a legacy producer's brand architecture through a website project

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Garden Creek website

Garden Creek

A personal wine story told entirely through the proprietors' words

View the live website

Grace Family Vineyards website

Grace Family Vineyards

A distilled website for an evolving cabernet sauvignon producer

View the live website

Kistler Website


The importance of story in wine websites

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Bedrock Wine Co. Website

Bedrock Wine Co.

A "book-like" web experience that can be scrolled from the introduction to the final blog post

View the live website

Last Bottle Website

Last Bottle

A daily-deal website that has kept it simple amid explosive growth

View the live website

DuMol Website


A dynamic content platform for an esteemed allocated producer

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Larkmead Vineyards Website


Unifying past and present for a historic Calistoga estate

View the live website

First Bottle Website

First Bottle

Creating the feeling of a great neighborhood wine shop online

View the live website

Diamond Creek website

Diamond Creek Vineyards

Telling the story of Napa's first single vineyard producers

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Modular ecommerce websites

While custom simply doesn’t make sense for everyone, that shouldn’t relegate you to a cookie-cutter or fragmented website. Our modular websites were conceived and developed with upstart and boutique wine businesses in mind. Fully commerce-enabled and featuring a level of design previously only accessible to larger companies (and budgets), they are informed by over a decade of building custom websites and commerce experiences. Distinct from a template, our modular websites are designed and built by us, and allow you to draw from our kit of personalizable, pre-built layout components. Built and maintained in-house also means we’re able to accommodate special requests and future growth.

Patria Website


Distilling content into an effective, photo-driven one-page website

View the live website

Mayacamas Website

Mayacamas Vineyards

A simple brand-sensitive website for a storied Napa producer

View the live website

Salty Goats Website

Salty Goats

Providing a new pinot noir producer with the tools for selling through an allocated model

View the live website

Aston Estate Website

Aston Estate

A content and commerce platform for a famed coastal Pinot Noir estate

View the live website

Forlorn Hope Website

Forlorn Hope

Translating an existing website into a more effective structure

View the live website

Space Age Rose

Space Age

A playful website for a brand capturing the spirit of the space age

View the live website

Maxem Wine Website


Showcasing the origin story behind a winemaker's personal project

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“What I love about Offset is that all their websites are unique and completely original in their design and typography. Each site is authentically on-brand; and taken together, showcase Offset’s ability to address nearly all segments of the online wine community.”

Ian Leggat

Chief Marketing Officer, Silver Oak, Twomey, OVID, Timeless