A dynamic content platform for an esteemed allocated producer

We often tell clients and prospective clients that “great brands live in beta.” While this concept is embedded in all things tech – the wine industry often struggles with embracing the idea, let alone implementing it (perhaps due to being inherently opposite of the finality of putting a wine in bottle). DuMol is an exception. Since designing and launching their website years ago, we’ve worked with them to continually evolve the site to serve their needs as a business better.

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Investing in high-quality evergreen content

Embracing evolution in a website doesn’t mean that all content needs to change constantly nor be hastily produced. The core of DuMol is their vineyards and winemaking that celebrate purity of place. As such, their “Insights & Articles” section is anchored by two evergreen stories with rich content, “At the Heart of DuMol,” with photography by Ed Anderson and Wildy Simple Productions, and “A Study of our Vineyards” (shown below) featuring a hand-etched map.

DuMol website vineyard map

Using audio and video to tell concise vineyard stories

Before our engagement, the DuMol vineyard map was commissioned for analog-only use. To allow it to be readable at all screen sizes, we decoupled the vineyard names from the illustration (which when reduced on mobile would no longer be readable). We added numbered red markers akin to Google Maps. Further embracing digital, we added a layer of interactivity with ambient video and audio content for each vineyard, allowing for the high points of each vineyard to be communicated quickly without requiring users to click into the more robust stand-alone vineyard pages for more information.

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DuMol Vineyard Map modal window

A flexible and easily editable story format

While we usually work very closely with clients on content during the inaugural launch of their websites (e.g., establishing content strategy, selecting and directing photographers and writers, final photo selection, editing, and layout), we often encourage clients to “take the keys” after launch. The DuMol team has done a beautiful job, working directly with Wildly Simple Productions and writer Christine Komons to create new articles that accompany each allocated wine release. Our content management system allows them to spin up these new stories with ease.

DuMol website story example

“The work we did with Offset was foundational in elevating the DuMOL brand. Offset was thoughtful in getting to know our team, thorough and timely with the process, and highly creative partners that delivered us a beautiful product. A member who recently joined DuMOL cited the effort that was clearly put into our website and that it reflects the quality they find in our wines. This was a true testament to Offset’s work.”

Maggie Minnick

DuMol, Marketing Manager

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