Creating a sense of place through abstract art and notes from the field

Keatley, run by husband and wife Dave and Danielle Keatley, produces northern California wines with a sense of adventure that embrace natural winemaking practices. With a love for all things outdoors, Dave works with various vineyards throughout the region pulling together a portfolio that showcases amazing fruit from sometimes less-known areas.

Art and useful information are revealed upon bottle turn

Featuring artwork from London based artist Liam Stevens, the labels evoke an abstract sense of place that speaks to both the vineyards they source from and locations throughout California that have personal significance to the proprietors.

Inspired by classic field notes, project storytelling is scattered throughout the wrap label, accompanied by rough illustrations that speak to the characteristics of the vineyard and Dave’s love for all things technical.

Color blocking to distinguish red and white wines

Red and green color blocking is used on the legal information to help distinguish the red and white wines at a glance and to add interest upon turning the bottle.

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