M. Zobeck

Channeling the punk rock spirit of an acclaimed winemaker for her personal label

M. Zobeck is the personal project of acclaimed Napa Valley Winemaker Meghan Zobeck. Tasked with channeling Meg’s punk rock spirit, the label is anchored by artwork originally created by Les Savy Sav, an art-punk band based out of New York City, for their second album, The Cat and The Cobra.

Behind the design

The eponymous brand name is set in classic serif type to speak to the quality of the wine in the bottle, and hand-written wine information reinforces that M. Zobeck is a hands-on, small-production, personal project. The logotype changes color for each varietal, with tones derived from the overprint in the Cat and Cobra artwork.

Reducing packaging waste

Meghan is committed to sustainability (her day job as winemaker of Burgess Cellars includes converting their storied vineyards to regenerative farming). To reflect her values, the packaging forgoes foil capsules (which have an outsize environmental impact) and is topped by small wax seals to protect the cork and finish the packaging visually.

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