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Zachary Stovall


Zachary Stovall, Offset Developer

Zachary is a developer and a key member of the Offset platform development team, in particular our “Brute Force Team” which is tasked with rapid responses to some of the most detailed areas of Offset’s platform.

Zachary brings to the team a blend of problem-solving abilities and an appreciation for collaboration. He carries an innate desire to understand – and continuously improve – the impact of his work on both clients and colleagues. This drive fuels his approach to development, crafting solutions that resonate and have real purpose.

After graduating with a Computer Science degree in 2018, Zachary began his career as a software developer, with stops in various consumer-facing sectors, building significant experience alongside diverse teams and styles. Zachary quickly embraced the challenge of translating client needs into innovative solutions. This work eventually allowed him to encounter Offest’s Dev Director Bryan Haddock, who became a mentor and friend.

Lured by Offset’s team camaraderie, commitment to our clients, and our pursuit of innovation, Zachary joined us in 2021, shortly after that moving into a full-time role. At the heart of Zachary’s work philosophy lies the mantra “do work you can be proud of,” and he’s consistently pushing to expand his expertise and skillset to that end.

Beyond Offset, Zachary has an abiding love for travel and cultural exploration, and to sports and physical activity. His dedication to community ministry underscores his commitment to enhancing the lives of others, extending well beyond the boundaries of his professional life.