Community is one of the aspects we love most about the wine industry. It’s core to what wine is about: gathering around a table, breaking bread, sharing and connecting. But over these past few weeks watching long-simmering systemic racism and police brutality coming to a boil, we’ve had to look more critically at this community we hold dear.

We can’t ignore that – even if inadvertently – we have excluded a lot of people, most glaringly Black, Indigenous and People of Color. The wine industry and wine culture have much of the same deep-rooted racial inequity as society at large. We aren’t okay with this. While we expect some time will be needed to properly develop our own long-term plan of action, it is imperative we start now, even if imperfectly.

Currently, our attention is on how we can foster change in our immediate worlds: Napa, San Francisco, design, technology, wine, and of course, in ourselves and our company. We have been tremendously inspired by the educators, activists, colleagues and friends who are guiding all of us in the actions we can take to move towards the equal and just society we believe in.

Here is how we are following their lead and finding our own footing on this path:

Remove our blind spots and act with purpose

We have begun long overdue work to educate ourselves on the history and current state of racial injustice and police violence. We commit to consciously support BIPOC businesses and to help make our communities welcoming, safe, and inclusive for those who are under-represented. We recognize that our own company and circle of collaborators have sorely lacked representation. We will actively network, recruit, and engage to change that.

Support organizations at the frontlines

This week we donated $10,000 towards the fight for equality and justice. To aid both local and national efforts, we contributed to the following:

  • Association of African American Vintners
  • City of Dreams
  • Black Girls Code
  • ACLU
  • Campaign Zero
  • Contribute to projects for change

    Beyond donations, we would love to offer our design and technology expertise to people and projects dedicated to social progress. If any of you are taking action, let us know how we can help. If you know of others who are, please pass along our information. Where we can support or amplify their efforts, we will.

    We all still have a long road ahead and we welcome all recommendations, conversations and critiques to help inform our learning and actions.