Integrated Brand and Commerce

The power of combining design and technology

If you’ve ever struggled with maintaining the integrity of your brand throughout your customer’s purchasing experience you are not alone. Too often these core components – brand and commerce – are handled separately, forcing concessions on both sides.

We see and do things differently. Through integrating our brand design services with our commerce platform, we’re able to approach your brand holistically to create a connective thread through the entire customer experience. We treat everything from their online purchasing experience to holding the bottle in their hand as part of the same ecosystem.

Simply put, no one else has brand design and commerce technology under one roof. With expert teams in both, we are fully versed in both your digital and analog needs. From brand identity and bottle design to websites and commerce, we leverage our combinative powers to translate the big picture of your business into a coherent set of experiences for your customers.

With brand design and commerce technology under the same roof, we’re able to customize the entire customer journey, ensuring that your brand and purchasing experiences are both seamless and memorable. Purchasing experience for Realm Cellars (2016-2021).

Respecting the nuance of wine

Part of why wine resonates so deeply in this hyper-modern era is that it is the most analog of products. To over-commercialize something that is more often about land and culture than commerce is to neglect the very reasons why people fall in love with wine. Whether it be your history, story, values, terroir, or people – these are the distinct characteristics that we translate into your brand elements. These identity motifs are the warp to technology’s weft, creating the fabric by which we envision your packaging, craft your website, and define your paths-to-purchase.

For over 40 years, Kermit Lynch has published their legendary printed newsletter, setting the bar for wine information and storytelling for consumers and the trade alike. It is a benchmark, encompassing history, technical details, recommendations, and personal anecdotes. Kermit and his team entrusted us to delicately translate the nuances of how they sell wine to the digital world. Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant online store.

“It’s true that Offset can design beautiful websites and they have the commerce technology to match,

but their biggest asset is their ethic of taking the time to understand our company, learning who we are, and listening to our goals. Every project we work on together presents unique challenges and they approach it as such – there’s no cookie-cutter method, no template to replicate. Everything they do is tailored to their clients, bespoke, and backed up with great design and solid business sense.”

Clark Z. Terry, Marketing Director

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Services and technology tailored to your needs

We work with our clients where we can create the most value, rather than always recommending our end-to-end capabilities. For some that means investing in our Storytelling and Content services, while conserving their budget with a Offset Commerce integrated Modular Ecommerce Website. For others it may mean embracing a brand strategy and package that is already working, but innovating how they sell wine online with a Custom Ecommerce Website coupled with Offset Commerce Custom Features.

Whether or not you are personally working with both sides of our company, we are always working with each other, ensuring our collective insight touches every project, no matter the scope or scale.

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