Who are you?

Who are you?

Whether creating a new brand or evolving an existing one, at Offset we believe that great identity work (visual, verbal and experiential) begins with a deep understanding of who our clients are, and why they do what they do. Translating core beliefs into work that can communicate the essence of an entity is hard, honest work – to succeed it must ring true.

Identity is more than a logo

Ernest Vineyards: Identity System

Classic graphic design identifies the logo as hero (replete with rigid style guides). But in today’s world the reality is that most brands need a strong visual identity system with the ability to be fluid across myriad formats.


Ernest Vineyards

The redesigned identity for Ernest Vineyards takes this idea to its extreme with a label system composed of eight detailed crops from the portrait featured on their original label. Like most redesigns, our solution sought to carefully balance the equity of their original identity without compromising future opportunities — and more importantly, honestly communicate who Ernest is today.

Big ideas can exist in small spaces

Sake Drinker

We’re not usually a fan of logos that try to communicate too much – acknowledging that a brand’s identity can and should be communicated through many avenues. That said, every once in a while, a logo can do some heavy-lifting. For Sake Drinker, an importer and retailer of fine Sakes, we created a bold “S” mark that references the double-ring graphic in traditional Sake Cups that help the drinker examine color and clearness. The warp used to create the “S” also speaks to Sake Drinker’s respectful but non-traditional approach to its favored beverage.

Sometimes website projects are about identity

Frog's Leap Frog's Leap
Frog’s Leap: Website “Opening Shot”.

Visual identity is the tip of the iceberg. Voice, photographic style, content strategy – and ultimately story – are equal and arguably stronger components. Rather than working through these elements theoretically we often employ websites as a proving ground for defining identity.

Frog’s Leap

Most of our projects begin with intensive upfront work to clarify story and articulate values which are then translated to content. And while a brand as iconic as Frog’s Leap Winery certainly had its story straight, the irreverent marketing style employed in earlier years wasn’t quite communicating the level of seriousness with which they take their farming and winemaking practices 30 years in. In close collaboration we worked to clarify and distill messaging – successfully evolving the playful voice of this beloved brand to deliver deeper meaning. The overarching tone developed for the website has taken on deeper resonance, helping to inform everything from social media to tasting room talking points.

It’s important to speak the language



The vernacular associated with wine extends to every aspect of the product. Traditionally bottle shape, glass color and label design all speak directly to what is housed within. When embarking on their first solo project, third generation winegrowers Carlo and Dante Mondavi were particularly concerned with getting it right. The identity and packaging for RAEN draws directly from the classic Burgundian wines that served as inspiration for the emerging brand; our design purposefully incorporates the layering of multiple typefaces and awkward details that contribute to the charm of the source material.

Embracing what makes you strange

Brands that only live online run the risk of feeling overly polished, impersonal. As with people, what often makes brands special is their idiosyncrasies.

First Bottle Wines

First Bottle

Unlike its one-wine-at-a time sister website, Last Bottle, First Bottle sells hundreds of wines at a time. First Bottle and Last Bottle’s partners, Cory, Stefan, and Brent, are incredibly knowledgeable about wine but don’t take themselves too seriously. We honed in early on, on the concept and tagline of “Your Local Worldwide Wine Shop.” To reinforce the idea, we created playful brand elements from illustrations to product photography that let their personalities and humor enliven an extremely functional online shopping experience enabled by our commerce product, Figure.

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