Frog’s Leap: Reducing a Wine (and a label) to its Essence

The Frog’s Leap label designed by Chuck House is an icon to oenophiles and casual drinkers alike. Left largely unchanged since its creation in 1981, our challenge was to respectfully pay homage while creating a package for a wine that needed special distinction.

Frog's Leap Rachel Rossi Reserve Label

Fueled by passionate conversations with winemaker John Williams and his son, viticulturist (and fellow winemaker in his own right) Rory Williams about what was inside the bottle, it became apparent that the packaging for this wine would need to convey a very specific and deliberate departure from the “everyday” – conveying a distinctive message to consumers while remaining true to the brand.

Having created countless studies of the original label, we were continuously drawn back to the idea that the label should ultimately communicate a message about what was inside – a wine that strives to strip away all pretense and deliver a pure expression of Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc. The label seeks to mirror the reductive winemaking process, while remaining utterly identifiable.

Beyond the label

Frog's Leap Rachel Rossi Reserve Packaging

Nodding to the history of the Rossi Ranch, the bottle is wrapped in ivory tissue sepia printed with winemaking notes from the 1940’s found on the property; distinctive bottle shape and weight speaks to varietal and ageability, and the minimal custom kraft box humbly elevates this extremely limited production wine without fetishizing it.


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