Mayacamas: Just the Basics

Bigger than any individual (or time period) Mayacamas is historic wine estate that defies easy categorization, and has always existed a world apart from the larger Napa Valley. We jumped at the chance to be able to help translate a small portion of their story online through a new website, and to provide some simple tools for customer interaction.

In the wine industry we’ve become known for large content-rich websites, but while we’re believers in their effectiveness for a certain type of brand, they’re not universally the appropriate tool. Mayacamas has a history spanning multiple owners that while fascinating could easily obscure why they are relevant today (a point upon wine writers and industry insiders have expounded upon effectively), which leaves the job of the website to build intrigue for the uninitiated (hopefully resulting in a Mailing List Sign-Up), and to quickly direct existing customers to what they’re likely looking for; to buy wine and book a visit.

Photography by Jimmy Hayes and Fred Lyon.



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