Paul Hobbs Winery: Seeking Balance

Paul Hobbs is recognized around the globe for his contributions to the world of wine. Influential in developing wine regions both emerging (Argentina) and historic (Armenia), in 2018 it was time to renew the website of his eponymous California home base.

Taking its cue from Paul’s innovative spirit, the website breaks convention with a split screen layout. The left panel presents a series of editorial-style stories, while the right panel offers site navigation with links to more “matter of fact” content. Sliding panel functionality alludes to turning pages, and the dynamic of having the left panel speak to the emotional side of the brand, while the right panel presents more objective factual information is carried throughout the site.

The Scientific

Before studying enology and viticulture at UC Davis, Paul was a pre-med student at Notre Dame. As a nod to this personal history, we collaborated closely with illustrator Marjorie Leggitt to create an illustration style for the brand that would subtly reflect the scientific nature of Paul’s approach to winemaking.

Paull Hobbs Illustration
Paull Hobbs Illustration

This illustrative approach also meets the needs of a very specific objective: the visual beauty of a sweeping landscape photo can easily obscure the core attributes that make a plot of land exceptional from a viticultural perspective. In addition to beautiful and detailed leaves, a series of “textbook” illustrations and diagrams were commissioned in order to communicate without “distraction” the aspects of the land that are important to winemaking.

The Intuitive

Despite a reputation that extends to most corners of the winemaking world, Paul Hobbs Winery (and Paul Hobbs the man) have rarely offered outsiders a look within. We commissioned photojournalist Erik Castro with a lofty goal – to not just show what happens behind the scenes at Paul Hobbs Winery, but to give a glimpse into the mindset of the man behind it all.



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